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Don't let your Salesforce licenses sit on the shelf— they are your most valuable tool for your bottom line!

Our Services

Process Analysis

Those spreadsheets got you far, but you need an upgrade! Let's take a look at your processes and see where there are opportunities to streamline them.

Salesforce Optimization

Configure work flows and aids so your users can get the job done quickly. Grow and nurture your sales funnels, scale up business operations, quickly fulfill customer requests.

Digital Overhauls & Automation

We take a holistic look at your technology needs and recommend a course of action. Maybe you need an improved website, AI, or automation for tasks that take place outside Salesforce.

Management Consulting

Your people are your most valuable asset. Retaining and motivating them takes experience and learned skills. We can build a strong organization together.

Salesforce Specialties

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Reporting & Dashboards

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Sales Cloud

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Service Cloud

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Apex Programming

Customer Reviews

  • “Greer is a very organized individual. When it comes to projects and planning he sets a fantastic example of how to be prepared and informed.”

    -Business Stakeholder
  • “[Tech Titan Consulting] seeks excellence in the work and is always looking toward the future... They are willing to take on any work or conversation that is required to cross the finish line on a project.”


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